Paris in Town

I told you about my birthday lunch with friends... now let me share what my wonderful husband did for me on my birthday. There is a delightful little cafe in North Palm Beach called Paris in Town that a friend of ours told Robert about. It was a surprise for both of us really but we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The place is almost a bit of a whole in the wall but the chef is a true Frenchman and the cuisine is wonderful. The menu consists of paninis, sandwiches, salads, and crepes. We split an amazing panini and then had a wonderful dessert crepe with coffee. It was just like our days in Paris! Such a wonderful date.

See what I mean?? 

Then we popped over to the Gardens mall to do a bit of shopping. Upon arrival at my favorite store, Anthropologie, Robert nearly had to peel my off the front window... the outfit in the store front display was simply exquisite! I instantly went and tried it all on. Then, like any self-respecting budget shopper would, I bought the belt (it was the only thing I could afford :) I have plans to slowly assemble the wonderful outfit...

Isn't it just the most feminine outfit you've seen? I love it! 

All in all, my birthday was a smashing success... more to follow later about birthdays :) 


Jamie said...

LOVE that outfit!! Cute picture of you guys too.

And, may I ask what is the story behind these very cool fonts on your blog? Never seen them before.

Rayia said...

Ooo, la, la! I LOVE that outfit!

Brittany Engebretsen said...

What an adorable date! How fun! That outfit is so pretty! It would look super fabulous on you! =]

Brittany Engebretsen said...

Oh, and btw... I, too, am interested in this new blog font. =D