Foods in Korea

I have referred to many types of food and have even blogged about several of our meals (refer to "the garden and the cow") but I wanted to give you an idea of the wide variety of foods we get here. Also to be noted, we eat out almost every single night because 1. its extremely cheap and you eat like kings and queens, and 2. who wants to cook supper when you are getting home at 7:30 or 8:00 every night? So, we often opt for the simpler option and go out to eat. Another treat has been to just choose a different place every night. We have eaten in places that some of the other teachers that have lived here for years haven't even tried! :) But keep in mind, there is literally a restaurant every 5 feet so its not surprising that they haven't tried everything :) Anyways, on to the food... I have mentioned my favorite bakery "Paris Baguette" which will soon become my arch enemy when I am trying to work off the pounds it brings on! Also, right across from the school there is a much smaller and quaint little cafe called Yoger Presso that Robert and I enjoy going to on our breaks :) Here was one such break this week:

I promise you they have the best mint mocha lattes around! And this little bit of goodness was a waffle with peanut butter, a honey caramel glaze and frozen yogurt... and a brownie. 

Now that's just for my sweet tooth... the rest is really quite delicious as well :) 
As I said, we eat tons of food for cheap... The traditional Korean meal has a main dish and then unlimited sides. These can range from sweet potato, soup, tofu, bean sprouts, a lettuce salad to pickled radish and/or pickles... oh and definitely kimchi! 

see what I mean about the sides?! :) 

If you remember my post about our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, the "garden and the cow", this will look a tad familiar. We have gone back twice :) Its that good! Well, this time we took Jay and Jolie with us and Robert really wanted to get the seafood. So, Robert and Jay enjoyed the seafood and Jolie and I thoroughly enjoyed our beef. Thought you might enjoy a couple pics of the night :)


And in goes the octopus... 

What we love most about this place (and many other restaurants here) is that a one course meal magically turns into a three or four course meal. In this particular place, you begin with a broth and add all your vegetables and meat. You eat it either as a soup or wrapped in rice paper which is really yummy! After you have pretty much eaten all the bulky things and are just left with the juice, they bring noodles and cook them... course #2. After you have eaten the noodles, they add more water to your broth and add rice, some seaweed and an egg which changes the consistency entirely and makes a yummy porridge... course #3. How cool is that? 

I could tell you so much more about their food,  but truly until you taste it, there really is no way for me to make you understand :) Oh and by the way... I came all the way to Korea to try Indian food for the very first time tonight ! :) It was pretty good. Just thought I'd throw that one in there... 


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that sounds absolutely fantastic. perhaps one day we can join you for delicious, cheap meals :)

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