A Korean Holiday

Today was a national holiday. It is the day that Korea won its independence from Japan. We didn't have school and so Jolie wanted to take us into Seoul to do something fun and "touristy". So we did... but before I talk about that, I wanted to show you my new addition to the house:

Did you notice anything different about it? (*hint: the size of the iron in comparison)
What?! You think the ironing board is smaller than usual? You are right! It is the cutest thing you'll see and it makes me feel like I am playing "house". We searched high and low for this little bugger and finally found an upright ironing board. The typical ones here are small and to be used on the floor (like the dorm ones back in the states).

This is a little of what we do to keep ourselves entertained. It can get a bit lonely here... 

(The fruit here is absolutely amazing!!!) 

Anywhoo... now that I got that taken care of, I can move on to the holiday! 

We got up at 8:00 (pretty early for us on our new schedule) and left the house with Jolie by 8:45. We had to catch a taxi and she is still helping us with giving directions to places when taking taxis. She is not fluent in Korean but she does know some words that help her to get where she wants to. So we drove to the subway and then got some "T-money" (subway cards that you recharge periodically). We weren't sure how their subway worked but after today we feel completely comfortable with it. It is almost identical to the one in Paris and is very easy to use (there are also English directions being given on the loud speaker. 
We rode to a large mall where we stopped at a "Paris Baguette" for breakfast. It was oh so yummy! We had pastries that were so good and very much like the ones we had in Paris :) 
Jolie had said that we should arrive at the Aquarium early and we were so glad we did! After leaving, the line was literally (no exaggerating!) 1000 people long! 
The aquarium was so neat and well designed! 

This harp had sensors in it that when the fish swam by, it would play a note. It was pretty cool! :) 

Some fish tanks were a little more unique than others :) 


The tanks were beautiful! 

After we went through the whole thing, we walked around a bit and then had a lovely lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. I had very yummy Fettucini Alfredo and then we finished off with some Tiramisu :) What did I tell you about not suffering here in Korea :) 

We came home and just bummed it at home for the rest of the day then Robert made a yummy supper. I'm a pretty lucky girl, am I not? :) 


Allana Martian said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to show my son the "unusual" fish tanks. He'll love it!

Marilou said...

If you ever come back to teach in the States you will be full of ideas for your kids.

bonniest said...

good way to stay connected and this makes it seem you are not so far away. Loved the fish tanks.