A gentleman's suit

As I mentioned, we had a custom-made suit tailored for Robert. He has been wanting one for ages and when we found out we were moving to Korea, he researched ball park prices and decided to have some made here (they are WAY cheaper here than back in the states!) So, we set out to find the perfect tailor- someone who was skilled but also willing to give us exactly what we wanted. We found just that!  He makes suits for dignitaries all over the world and has his own factories (many tailors have to send it off so the prices are higher). He is such a cute old man and very amiable. We got him measured and within a week we went back for his final fitting and within a few days, voila! a gorgeously handcrafted three piece suit was made! Check it out!

How often can you buy a monogramed suit? :)

His business is called "Capital Tailor" 

All the details are hand-stitched 

Simply gorgeous work! We are so pleased. Needless to say, we will be returning customers! 

So there you have it! I would be happy to take measurements for you if you would like to have anything made! :) 

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Uncle John said...

VERY SHARP! I really like the way its made! I had one made in Cambodia.. not nearly that quality! (and I got it at a time when I was gaining weight... and Tailored Suits just don't work with that!)LOVE YOU GUYS!