"Hoppy Easter" in Kindergarten

We had such a fun day in kindergarten on Friday! I asked Hannah if Easter was widely celebrated here in Korea and she said only in churches and English schools. Lucky us! We got to celebrate it! As I've said before, people in Korea do not do things half-way. The teachers worked so hard to make this day fun for the students. We made banners, printed stickers with their names for the egg hunt, printed off schedules for each classroom, signs for the doors, and all the prep work for the craft and cooking classes. The teachers met a little early for me to do face painting. I had found a cute picture on the internet of a bunny face painting but when I did it, it looked more like a cat. Oh well, all the students thought we were cats. We still had fun! :)

 Bunnies or Cats? 

 Getting ready for cooking class: "Egg Pizza" (a.k.a Egg Frittata) 

 In art class we made adorable masks that the kids wore the rest of the day

 The only problem was when we got the eye things on, the kids couldn't see out without going completely crossed eyed! It was hysterical! So, they just wore them on the top of their head instead. 
Class A

Class B

The Awesome Kindergarten team (except Chris~ He forgot it was Easter day 
so he came in time for the games)


They even let cute little princesses play :) 

I can confidently say that I lost every single game to Jackie! :) 

Chris joined in the games too :) 

They did such a good job with the spoon pass game. They were so cute to watch! 

They made these easter baskets earlier in the week in art class

It was a huge success. I was so impressed with the kids' conduct as well! Usually kids go crazy on special days but these kids acted just fine and followed directions extremely well. It made it such a fun day for everyone! The only let down of the day was that there was no candy :( the kids probably didn't even miss it, but I did! :) Where is my chocolate Easter bunny!?!?! 


Jodi said...

What is Easter without a little chocolate?! j/k...

I love this post. The kids are cute and you look like you're having fun and doing a GREAT job!

Kristina said...

This looks so unbelievably fun! I just l-l-l-ove reading through all your experiences over there! What an amazing adventure!
I've always wondered, Are you there with a group like English as Your Second Language? Keep it comin, darlin'!
Kristina J.

Willie'sGurl said...

what fun! :) sounds like you are settling in nicely. :)Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter celebration with "your kids" as well. :)

amy b.s. said...

too cute! my sister teaches first grade and i'll have to share these cute ideas with her!