Odds and Ends

As many of you know me well, you know I never stop decorating, rearranging furniture and getting a place the way I like it. So, when I showed you my apartment, I told you it was not finished. Well here are just a few additions so far:

We finally got the desk for the office! We absolutely love it. Its a gorgeous piece of furniture and we paid a fraction of what it would cost in the states. The office is still not finished but this definitely helps in the progress :) We still need a floor lamp and new seats plus a few other finishing touches. 

This probably seems ridiculous to you, but with no dishwasher, a dish drainer is a very important thing! So, I went with the phrase, "bigger is always better" :) A double decker dish drainer! 

Quite insignificant, but I have always wanted a tea box and I found this one at a Dyso (our version of the Dollar Store) and was so excited! :) I love it :) 

Sometimes its so hard for our parents to get to talk to each other back home (you know, since they live a street away from each other!), we let them talk to eat other here in Korea :) They got a big kick out of talking to each other via skype through Korea. 

Headed out for church on Sunday. :) 

As always, life gets busy and so much happens that it is hard to keep up. My next post will be about our tour of the DMZ and JSA. You won't want to miss it! It was such an exciting experience. Definitely a once in a lifetime chance. Stay tuned! 


Jodi said...

Great pictures! I love your double decker dish drainer. I don't have a dishwasher either- hmmm may have to look into that!

Willie'sGurl said...

Wow love to read your posts.I love the tea box. it's beautiful. :) And the dish drainer is awesome. I want one! lol :D Plus it is stainless steel which makes it cleanable. the plastic ones are so horrible, because they collect stuff over time and you can't get them clean, because plastic absorbs stuff. :( And the double decker is great, because it will fit into tiny spaces.... I know I'm gushing about this but I love cleaning supplies lol... :D

Jamie said...

Great pictures!! Love and miss you like crazy!

Rayia said...

Love what you're doing with your apartment! And if I may say, you look amazing!

S. Lashley said...

When I had my house, I used the dishwasher as a drying rack. Used it maybe once or twice to wash dishes. :)