Student's diary entries

These are a few of my student's diaries... they were too cute not to share.

"I have a sister. It's cute. I'm doesn't have any brothers. I'm happy. Because own sister." 

"Today is Thursday. My hairs a long. My brother don't have long hairs. My brother is a catsup. My brother is a glutton." 

"My English academy teacher's name is Jennifer. Jennifer teacher is very pretty and smart. Jennifer teacher very very thank you. because this dirty english speaking but Jennifer teacher understand. Jennifer teacher is I'm meet teachers in very great job and great!" 

I love reading their diaries every week! :)


JenofWA said...

hehe, I know you're doing a good job cleaning up their "dirty" English :)So funny

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Beautiful Jennie,
First, thank you for the birthday greeting you sent me on Facebook on April 2. Yours was the first b-day greeting I received. And, it was even a day early! Smile.
Second, I glanced at your Facebook page last night, saw a blog address, went to it and saw it was - YOUR BLOG!
Third, while looking at your blog site, I read on there that Robert and you are in South Korea. Have mercy, I nearly fell over dead from shock when I read that!
When I have more time to ask a few questions about your global living location I would like to ask them, if you don't mind. For instance, why in South Korea, how long are you planning on being there, at what type of a school are you working, and what age group or grade level are you teaching?
I wanted to send a Congratulations card to you, after I received the invitation to your graduation ceremony. But somehow in the passing of my life, I just can't seem to keep up with all that I want to do. Also, I didn't want to send a card with no money in it, as I had none to send. I worry that young people will want no card from me if there is no monetary gift in it. But I ALWAYS want to send a card when I receive an invitation to an event because I am delighted to be remembered with a piece of mail from young people. Smile.
I pray you will be able to survive your homesickness should it strike you. It can make one physically ill if it gets too severe.
What a looooooong comment I have written!
Your Phoenix, AZ, friend,
Sherry (& Bud)