could I take you away?

Hello friends. Its a dreary Saturday and I'm doing everything I can to stay away from the laundry and cleaning... just not in the mood. I'll come around eventually. When you write a blog, you often feel the need to make every entry really special, because after all, its going out for the world to read. However, this is my diary of sorts. I will look back at this someday and be able to fill in the blanks, remember the emotions I felt when I wrote, go back to the feelings hidden in the words and just simply reminisce. Therefore, not every post will maybe seem that interesting to you but to me its a memory and that's what I'm here making. That being said, while this week was a pretty average week, there were a few special moments in it :) For the past couple months, we have been part of the worship team at church. I have been wanting to get pictures to share and finally got a friend to take some last Sunday. 

Meet the Praise Team: 
Joanna. Rachel. Danny. Robert. Jenny. Grace. (the lady on the end doesn't have an English Name) 

Also part of the team: Razor (drums), 2 piano players, 
1 base guitar player (again, no English name), Andy (sound and tech man)

After work one day we decided to have a relaxing "at home movie date". We walked to the supermarket and got the popcorn, popped it on the stove and enjoyed watching "Rigeletto" 
which is a favorite of ours.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, but I have turned my attention to other artsy things for a little while. I got my sketch books out again and started sketching and loving it! Also, I made a few more cards. Another great thing is that I finally got my craft supplies organized! I'm happy :) 

Enough about me... Welcome to the Kindy Birthday bash!!! We have 17 students and basically we just split it down the middle and have two birthday parties in the year. This is the first of them. It was such a fun day and the kids were having a blast. As always, the teachers rolled out the red carpet for the little kiddos. :)

A feast was set out of pizza, honey rice cakes, kim-bop, cake, chicken nuggets, fruit, and juice

The Birthday kids :)

Andy and Allen

Mini and Molly

Noah and Amy

Sarah and Jason

I was so glad that at least one kid wore their traditional Korean Hangbuk. I had seen pictures of the last party and several of the kids had word theirs. Noah was so cute in his :) 

The kids came in one at a time and we sang to each individually. 

Then it was time to blow out the candles! 

The 5 year olds (turning 6)
Rainbow class

6 years olds (turning 7)
Yellow class

7 year olds (turning 8)
Red class

7 year olds (turning 8)
Ocean class

All the kids brought in gifts so each Birthday kid took away a huge stash! :)

Sally. Jenny. Patrick (he's a parttime teacher filling in). Gloria
I was getting tickled by Molly to try to get me to smile :) 

After we thoroughly stuffed ourselves on party food, we got the kids changed into their swim gear and walked to a nearby fountain area. When we got there the fountains were off, but the kids didn't seem to mind. The water wars commenced. I had changed my clothes in preparation of getting a little damp but I had to idea I would get so wet! The kids took great pleasure in soaking any part of me that looked even remotely dry! 

The brave teachers :) 

Needless to say, I had to run home and change before my afternoon classes started! It was a really fun day for the kids and the teachers. My five classes ran smoothly in the afternoon and then we went out to dinner with a group of the church people for kind of a planning committee. It was dark and raining so I couldn't really get pictures but this place was insane!!! We will go back and I promise to take pictures. Think Swiss family Robinson+ Robinson Crusoe+Alice's Tea Cup in NYC= this restaurant. Intriguing, huh? That's the only way I know to describe it! :) 

Well friends, that's all I have right now. 
"Stay tuned for more on the Adventures of Robert and Jenny...." 
Life happening every day and loving the good with the bad. Love you! 

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