how do you spell..?

I have my husband's permission to share this hysterical story! I laughed to tears when it happened! I will brag on him and say that my husband is very good at many things, but spelling is not one of them :)

I was looking through old pictures from the beginning of the year to present, reminiscing and having a great time. I came upon one picture that was our Anniversary and he bought me the stove and had a note on the top of it for when I arrived to the house (since he was still at work). I had never noticed before that he had misspelled Anniversary by spelling it "A-n-n-a-v-e-r-s-a-r-y". Thinking of his pride I said "oh I hope I didn't post that picture!" He came and looked at it and said "oh because I spelled it with two N's.." I laughed so hard!

It made me think of the joke about the 1st grade spelling bee... The kids stand up in the classroom and one by one the students are misspelling the words and sitting down. Johnny gets the word "cat" and confidently says "K-A-T". As he is taking his seat, he whispers to Eddy "I knew it had 2 T's." :)

Live* Laugh* Love

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