On the eve of change.

Change. It's such a loaded word. With the word comes such a myriad of emotions and reactions. People handle change in different ways; some embrace it, others balk at the very notion. It's used as campaign slogans, personal resolutions, and turning over new leaves throughout our lives. It can bring joy and laughter, while other times usher in a season of pain and grief. The New Year is often seen as a time  for re-evaluating one's life, taking stock of priorities, and if need be, change a few things. I am often wary of setting new year's resolutions because I hate the feeling of disappointment. For this reason, I generally stay away from announcing all sorts of promises for the new year. That being said, my brain is a buzz of all sorts of projects, goals, and aspirations for the upcoming months. I'm beyond excited for some of the new opportunities God is opening up for us and I sit back in awe at how blessed  I am. 

The biggest change this year is taking place in about 5 weeks. Robert and I are leaving Seoul and moving a couple hours outside the city to work at Gimcheon University. Now, I am as surprised as you are that I am about to become a University professor of English. It's down right ridiculous, but the doors have opened and I truly believe God's hand is leading us in this direction. This is the direction Robert has been trying to go since we moved to Korea and he was the first to get an interview. While we were in the states, he received the word that he had passed the first stage of applicants and got a phone interview. The ball began to roll and when we arrived home, he headed down for his face to face interview. The position he interviewed for was a 2 day a week basic English Instructor. The plan was that he would commute for the 2 days and we would remain in our current location. Following his interview, however, the Administration unanimously decided that they wanted him for the full time English department position. This was amazing news but it meant that he could not commute and that we would need to move outside the city. Robert then suggested that they give me an interview for the 2 day position. To jump ahead a few days... I got the job! (and yes, I will only be working 2 days a week so hence the buzz in my brain of all the projects!). 

The newly appointed English Department Professor

The newly appointed Basic English Professor

Where we will be working:

I snagged these shots off the internet. If you want to visit the website to see more of the campus, 
click here (look to the top right corner for the English option). 

While I was there for my interview, I looked at a few apartments and found a really great one! It is still in construction stage, but I am so happy with the layout of the place. I am so excited! Here are the pictures I snapped while I was out looking. Of course, when we move in, you'll get to see the finished product! :) 

Two Bedrooms

The bathroom is much smaller than our current one, 
but I finally get an indoor laundry area so I don't mind the trade off! 

The large open room which will be the kitchen and living room. 

As you can probably guess, a lot has to happen between my writing this and when we begin this new chapter in our lives. Just to name a few: organize and purge the apartment before the movers come to pack everything up (yes, you read that right...as far as when the packing actually begins, I don't have to lift a finger), arrange all the housing and new job details, finish up any unfinished projects at school, complete the module that we are currently working on for our Masters, and of course say our goodbyes to the friends we have made during this first year in Korea. We will still be planning "Seoul weekend" trips to see everyone, but we will really miss everyone, especially our church and the dear friends we have made there. As with any kind of change, it's bitter/ sweet. 

A very special group of people that I will really miss is my kindy kids. I love these kids like they are my own. They bring a smile to my face even on the worst of days and are the reasons I step into the classroom every single day. They are the most honest, sincere, and lovable people I have ever meant. The saying is true, "to touch the life of a child, is to touch eternity." I am so honored to have had the opportunity to take part in the lives of these precious children. I hope they will always remember the kindergarten teacher who loved them and who was so proud of them. 

So, the horizon is bright, the future is within our grasp (or something just as motivational sounding)... bottom line is we're moving on to a new chapter and are excited to see where the road takes us.

Until next time... 


Jamie said...

So proud of you both, and so excited to see where God continues to lead you...It's such a great opportunity!!

Love you,

Fern Cottage said...

How exciting for you both! Congratulations! This adventure God takes us on throughout life is so very exciting!!! Smiling for you today, and hearing the inspiration in your tone for your new home! :-) Hugs, Nettie

Travis said...

So Happy for you guys!

P.S. You look tots prof with those pearls.