Africa Part 2

After our long drive to Cape Town, we arrived at the Bible College that Delani attended before going to University. We were met by Delani, her mother, and her aunt as well as some delicious soup. :) 

You may notice from here on out the frequenting of a certain Mugg & Bean... don't judge. It just happened to be a familiar, delicious spot with wifi. :) 

Loved spending time with my mom! 

Delani's Bridal Tea was held at a gorgeous hotel called the Table Bay Hotel. While we had tea, all the guys went nearby to have lunch themselves. 

Course #1

Course #2

Course #3

After three courses and teas to go along with each, we literally ate and drank tea ALL afternoon! 
It was amazing! 

The whole gang

So happy to have another amazing sister :) 

I think you will agree that the Waterfront is officially gorgeous 

The next day our family set out for a sightseeing day. Delani had some wedding things to finish up so she was unable to come with us. We went to Table Mountain and Cape Point. 

On our way from Table Mt. to Cape Point, we stopped by for some delicious Fish-n-Chips at the Mariner's Wharf.

We also made a quick stop at Chapman's Peak

Siblings... Just missing Jamie :(

The Howards (or as some friends say, the "How-Rad" family..then again, I'm pretty partial to the name)

Remember what I said about "picturesque"? Yep, pretty much. 

When we returned from our day of sightseeing, friends had arrived, so the fun just multiplied! 
Kerilyn, Cilla, and Audrey made the long trip over and it was such a blast to have them with us! 

So happy to be together again!

The girls :) 

Ok, ok, so I know I said that part 2 was the week of the wedding. Well it was and obviously that would mean it included the wedding. However, looking over pictures, I just have too many good ones to pass up so I'm going to do a wedding post by itself. :) So, stayed tuned folks... the wedding is coming soon.

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