Africa Part 3

The day after the wedding, we all just relaxed and hung out at the place we were staying. All the family left on Monday morning to head back to the states, thus the next section of our trip began: the best 3-day friend fun ever! Robert, Kerilyn, Cilla, Audrey, and I all got in the car and spent the next 3 days exploring Cape Town. We didn't always have a plan which made it all the more fun. At times we would just drive until something looked interesting. It was a great time spent with awesome friends! 

Groot Constantia is one of the most famous and oldest wineries in South Africa. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous and it was so interesting to learn the history surrounding this estate. This particular brand of wine was Napolean's wine of choice and it was mentioned in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility as well as by Charles Dickens. 

Our lunch in the Groot Constantia restaurant was unbelievably delicious! 

Our adorable tour guide. She was such a great lady and had so many details to share. 

*I have never seen a plant have two colors on the same stem. It intrigued me

(look very closely...) :)

The Waterfront was a familiar place and the center of several touristy things so we happened upon it several times throughout the three days. 

One night we were on one coast, and we wanted to drive to the opposite one... so we did. 

As we were driving, our goal was to find a cute little coffee shop... queue "Olympia" cafe. We saw it from the road, found a parking spot and got to watch one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever. 

We dubbed one day as "Museum day" which took us into the center of Cape Town where our mission was to find the South African History Museum. Along the way we found some gorgeous scenery, scultures, and architecture. 

Another favorite: St. George's Cafe. We saw this from the street as well and we were not at all disappointed. Its a lovely little cafe in the basement of an old church. 

I have no clue why an umbrella was opened indoors... apparently to test her luck :)

Picture fail :) So funny!

After the museum, it was dessert time (yes, its a real thing) and we wanted to go to the Diamond Museum which was back at the Waterfront so we killed two birds with one stone. 

Den Anker Restaurant for dessert...

And then it was on to the Diamond Museum....

It's how we roll.... literally

From the museum we headed to a different beach 
(sorry I wasn't really paying attention to all the names as perhaps I should have) 


Since it was the 4th of July, we decided we needed to eat something "American", so we settled on ribs, steak, and fries. That's American, right? :)

(these pictures were actually taken before the family left...my bad) :)

It was such an incredible time spent with friends and we made so many amazing memories. We laughed a lot, yelled at either the person driving or the one reading the map, drank a lot of coffee, and had some incredible experiences. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience. 
Thanks Cilla, Audrey, and Kerilyn for all the good times! 
P.S. photo credit to Cilla, Audrey, and Keri for some of the great shots (we shared pics) :) 

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