first day home

Jimmy was born on Thursday afternoon and we left the hospital at 10am on Saturday morning. Since I could only see him at feedings, you can only imagine how ready I was to go home and actually get to have my baby with me at all times! The grandparents and daddy were pretty ready to hold him too! :) 

Arriving at our apartment building

We're home!!! 

Of course there were aunts, uncles, and great grandparents that wanted to meet Jimmy on skype too :) 

Daddy finally getting to enjoy his son 

The moms took turns keeping watch over mommy and baby :)

When we got home from the hospital, both sets of grandparents decided that we HAD to have a rocking chair (we were planning to buy one but just hadn't got one yet), so the men went out and came home with a rocking chair :) 

Thank you Papa and Grampa for the rocking chair! We love it!! 

Just enjoying all the family cuddles 

Some friends stopped by the see Jimmy :) 
Uncle Daniel and Aunt Sooyeon 

Both moms made sure I was eating and drinking tons of water! :) I had personal maids around me at all times. It was pretty amazing, not going to lie. 

Reading Jimmy his first book :) He seems pretty interested, don't you think? 

Aunt Sarah came to see him too 

Jimmy's first bath... not such a pleasant experience for him since he couldn't be submerged in water until his umbilical cord came off. :(

There was lots of snuggles and naps going on throughout the day.

He's a pretty sophisticated gentleman :0 

There is nothing like bringing your child home for the first time. It is a wonderful feeling (albeit rather nerve racking at times) to have this little life in your care and to know that from this day forward he is yours to raise and provide for. 

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