leading up to Christmas...

Robert had gone to the Philippines for a trip and so I had a lot of one-on-one time with the Jimster. I also got to hang out with some gal pals too which is always a ton of fun. 

He never was in want of energy that's for sure! (even in the womb) :) 

The newest addition to my Autumn wardrobe 
Still enjoying the Fall beauty at my favorite spot in town. 

Since I had a little time at home, I decided to make a Pinterest craft for James' room. 
Robert brought me back a little goodie from the Philippines :) My favorite LV knock off.

Daddy's home!!

His cool kicks from his Auntie. Pretty much all his awesome shoes have come from her. 
I can only take credit for a few. 

Games with friends. We are so happy to have a group of friends that love board/card games as much as we do.

How mommy got anything done (or needed an excuse to get out of the house) 

Daddy's first time feeding James a pumped bottle. This was a bittersweet moment for me because I really wanted Robert to have the experience of feeding him but it also felt so strange to not be the one feeding him (since he was exclusively nursed). I cried but was also excited at the same time. It was a pretty special memory for Robert and I'm so glad he got that. We were getting geared up for when mommy had to go back to work. 

Mommy's first day back at work. Lunch with the boys. 
I got 3 months maternity leave and James was born in August right before the school semester started so I returned back to work in November. However, there was only one month left of school by the time I came back so they didn't think it wise for me to take over a class 5 weeks before final exams and therefore decided that I would return in an administrative assistant position until the end of the semester and, get this, only one day a week. I'm so thankful for how the whole situation worked out because I was able to go to work on Robert's day off and so we didn't have to get a babysitter for James at such a young age (Mommy was really worrying about that). 

Auntie Joanna sent us this amazing vintage outfit and I just couldn't let the 
opportunity pass of a mini photo shoot at home :) 

Daddy's little bear. 

People in Korea are typically stressed out about anything regarding a baby's health or physical being and can freak out if the baby seems cold or is not wearing (what they consider) appropriate clothing for the situation. Queue this shopping experience... We drove about 15 minutes down the road and James decided that was a great time to do something. Of course, as luck would have it, this was the ONE time I did not have extra *appropriate warm weather* clothes packed for him. (failed new mommy award). So, as you can see, I was doing my best to keep attention away from my poor little hoodlum with his inverted socks and summer onsie :) 

First time in his Bumbo seat 

Snow flurries with little bear 

Daddy had to go somewhere so mommy got to take Jimmy to work with her :) 
Not sure how much I actually got done that day... but my little coworker was sure a cutie! 

I loved getting these kinds of pictures throughout the day while I was at work. Daddy did an incredible job caring for James and I loved my lunch break with my guys!
Getting a ladies Bible study started with the book of Esther and 1,000 Gifts

James got his very own special set of blue ear muffs along with the copy of Grandma Jackie's storrybook "Chelsea and the pink earmuffs". 

Loved Tummy time

I tried to make those cool animal shaped pancakes like my mom used to do for us.... let's just say it's a good thing I have time before James' notices :) 

Such a fun and exciting time in our lives! This little guy brought so much joy into our home.

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