Another night on the town

As I have mentioned, our schedules are a bit different here. Usually we leave the house about 9:40 to arrive at school at about 9:45-9:50 (depends on how brisk our walk is). This week has been mainly cleaning, setting up, etc to get ready for the new school year. Then we have lunch, either ordered in to the school or we go out somewhere close. and then Robert and my afternoon classes have started around 3 pm and go til 6 or 7pm. We come home for about an hour and then Jolie calls us when she gets out of class around 8 pm. Then we go out to dinner and believe me, she has been taking us to amazing places! One of them I already showed you. Last night we dragged another teacher, John, with us and the four of us went to a Vietnamese restaurant that was out of this world! I had to share it with you. Its like having a garden and cow and making supper.... You sit on the floor like many other places and you take your shoes off. There are many places that give you the option of sitting at a table with your shoes on or sitting on a raised platform on the floor with your shoes off. Its kind of like East meets West. Anyways, on to the amazing food...
The Garden

And the cow... 

They bring out a pot of broth and it begins to boil. You add all the vegetables  and meat that you want to make the soup. You also have rice papers that actually look like plastic before you get them wet. You dip them in hot water which makes them translucent. Then you pile anything you want in them and wrap it up tight and you have an amazing little wrap to eat. Think of the Cheesecake Factory's Thai Lettuce wraps... thats kind of similar. 
 Sorry for the blur. Jolie was busy "cooking" for us :) and John was waiting patiently :) 

It was a wonderful evening and very yummy food! Oh and at the end, they take what's left of your soup and add noodles to make a different soup. Then, they take whats left of that soup and add rice and an egg and make a thicker rice mixture. They don't waste food here! Eating out here is quite an experience:) 

Come visit and we'll take you to all kinds of places! Talk to you later! 


Allana Martian said...

That food actually looks delicious!

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