Creativity alert

I am a bit behind on my blogging but I will just keep plugging away at it... before my life went into complete and utter chaos, I was able to spend a day doing something I love--sewing. I had a blast! I was finishing up projects and starting new ones, organizing my sewing area and brainstorming all kinds of new projects I wanted to do. So, I thought I would share my results of the day:

Project #1: finished up a skirt I had started months ago! Remember the super cute belt from my birthday post? Yep, here it is! I was inspired by the anthro outfit so I made up my own cheap version :)

Project #2: Shorten a skirt and make a new one out of the left overs

Now let me explain myself...This is not a mini skirt for me :) Its a little skirt for my nieces. Like I said, I had a skirt that was completely too long and I always tripped when I wore it, so why not shorten it and use the leftovers?? So I did. just a bit of elastic and there you have it! 

Project #3: try out some super cool features on my sewing machine producing a fancy ribbon also for my nieces :)

It will most likely be awhile before I do any sewing so Im glad I was able to do these few projects. But don't worry, you have seen the last of my projects!! :) 


Jamie said...

Ooooh...I love this Jen!
You are my hero..with your "crafty skills!"

Love you!

Rayia said...

Oh, I love it! So cute!

Allana Martian said...

Cute stuff, Jen! I'm sure your niece will love having matching skirts with her auntie!

Anonymous said...

so cute. I'm so sad we never did have our craft day. perhaps we'll have to have a skype craft session sometime =)