the last birthday post of the year

I am finally getting this post written! Not to sound like a broken record, but with packing and sorting, garage sales and moving into my parents house (that's another post coming), blogging hasn't been top priority, though I have thought of it often. Anyways, several years back, Robert and I decided it was much easier to have a joint birthday party since our birthdays are just a week apart. Its always a fun night with friends and so here are some highlights of the night:

My mother in law made us our cakes. Robert asked for a non-red Red Velvet cake :) I asked for a regular Red Velvet cake. It was so sweet of her to make them for us. 

My wonderful girlfriends who came out to party with me. Love these girls! 


Becky Engebretsen said...

Your friends and family are going to miss you SO MUCH!!!!
What is the font you are using on your blog above? I LOVE IT!!
Saw you yesterday at the mission luncheon but didn't get a chance to talk to you! Have fun on your new adventure.....

Anonymous said...

you looked so pretty that night...not sure if I told you then. is that your Anthro belt? money well spent I'd say. =) I hope you have a wonderful 23rd year. love you!