Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't really have a great romantic post for today! No crafts, no cool recipes to make your love swoon... Just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I love you. People are scared to say that now days. Its as if they are worried you might take it wrong!? What is so wrong with loving each other. The Bible tells us to do it. Society and made Valentine's day so exclusive. You have to have to be in a romantic relationship for it to be special. Otherwise its just that day that all singles HATE. I'm not blaming anyone because I know it can be a lonely time for some because of the way it is pushed. But why does it have to be that way? There are so many types of love! Share a little of it with others. So, tell that special someone how much you love them. Then tell your friends and those around you that mean so much to you, how much you love them. It really won't hurt you to say the words :) Go on and give it a try!

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