A lady is laid to rest

My hometown of Hobe Sound, Florida will not be the same. We lost a very precious person who was a face of the school and the church. To some, she was just the face of the woman telling them they had to order their school books. To others she was just a nice little lady that worked in a Christian bookstore. She was a friend to many, a mother and a wife. She was quick to open her home for parties and events. She was a couple things to me. During our church's annual Campmeeting, the students are all assigned a camp job. I requested the bookstore and for all four years I worked in the campus bookstore with Mrs. Betty Predmore. We would talk about things or quietly listen to music and I would read during my shift because I had a quiet shift right before the evening service. She was the one that taught me how to count change when dealing with money (she hated the new cash registers that just TOLD you what to give back without even thinking!!) She thought that people needed to know how to count down money! I know that many others have lots and lots of wonderful memories with Mrs. Predmore but these are just a few that I had the privilege of experiencing.

This was at my wedding shower in May of 2009

"The angels are always near to those who are grieving, 
to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God."  
~ Eileen Elias Freeman

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Allana Martian said...

Mrs. Predmore is more alive today than ever before! We'll miss her, too. I have many memories of spending time in her home with Tara, way back in High School. I remember her making TONS of cookies and putting them in tupperware boxes by the dozens, into her deep freezer. She touched many, many lives.