Yummy ooy gooy rolls.

While this has absolutely nothing to do with my time in Korea, I just wanted to share this yummy recipe with you all... Hey, I can still be myself, right?! It doesn't all have to be about Korea! :) You seriously need to try these because they are amazing! Oh and by the way, you need to like bananas for this recipe to be really good, just so you know.

What you will need:

muffin pan
brown sugar
store bought cinnamon rolls

Simply put a small pad of butter in the bottom of all the muffin cups, next put about a tablespoon of brown sugar (the more you put, the more gooy it is). Next, a slice or two of banana on top, then the cinnamon roll on top of it all. Bake fore the amount of time on the roll container or just until they are golden brown. Remove from the oven and place the platter over the pan and flip so that all the yummy goodness flows over the rolls.

Enjoy because its really that simply. Try it and let me know how you like them :)


How Kuku Family said...

Going to try them. ... looks like a great Saturday morning treat! Love ya

Jamie said...

Those look amazing! I know that Brian would LOVE them...I will have to try them.