The start of a new adventure

As most of you know (the whole reason you are currently following this blog), we just made a huge move across the world to teach English in South Korea. For those of you that didn't know that, where have you been?!?!? Anyways, this is a brief narrative of our trip and arrival to Korea. As I mentioned in the last post, we had 4 totes, 2 lg and 2 sm suitcases and they all made it safely!

So, after a 14 hour flight, we made the 1 1/2 hour drive to our apartment. Skip over to the next day... Monday we walked around a bit with our friend Jolie and she showed us a few stores. We went to the school to just observe and hang out, unfortunately I was feeling quite ill and threw up :( That happened the last time I visited Korea.. Well, Robert walked me home and I slept for almost 3 hours. He came home from school at around 6:00 pm (Yes, that is typically when we will be getting off work). He made us our first dinner in Korea: scrabbled eggs... yummy :)

Tuesday proved to be quite an interesting day :) We got up relatively early (Korea doesn't start moving before 9:00 am) and walked about 15-20 minutes to the bank and then to a store called Homeplus+. After shopping awhile and getting a few groceries, we went to the lovely little coffee shop at the main floor and had a little rest. Ella Fitzgerald was singing in the background :)

FYI: I will need those 5 flights of stairs... I found very yummy donuts to be had :) 

"The World Best Coffee"~ I thought that was so cute. 

All our purchases- you only buy what you can carry because until we have our address memorized, we can't catch a taxi :) 

So, super relaxing day, right? Well, we were scheduled to be at the school at 2pm so we went. Robert had to cover for a sick teacher, I was thrust into helping with the kindergarten drama presentation that I had no clue anything that was going on. Actually, to be honest, I sat for almost 2 1/2 hours because no one would give me a job (and I was freezing the whole time). Finally I was given the job to put make up on all the kids and lipstick on ONLY the girls. I did my job and then later I saw one kid wiping it off. My heart sank. I must have put lipstick on a little boy... epic fail. But then, the more I watched I was almost positive it had been a girl, so good story but I don't think it was true. I was suddenly a part of the costume department too and believe me, Asians go ALL out with their drama presentations. We were changing 10-12 kids between every song and these outfits are sequined, strappy, head piece included, different for boys and girls, complex, etc. After the program, the boss took all the teachers to a traditional Korean restaurant where you sit on the floor and you remove your shoes at the door. My body is still getting use to eating supper at 9 pm. We went home and I basically crashed.... end of story for the first day out and about. More to  come later...


S. Lashley said...

Wow. Quite interesting. Hope you and Robert get well adjusted. :)
p.s. Remember, lipstick on girls only.

Becky Engebretsen said...

Well how were YOU to know boys didn't wear lipstick?? At Hobe Sound NO ONE WORE IT!! LOL!!! It is so good to be able to keep up with you!! Have fun!!