Faces for the names...

I recently wrote about all the many reasons I teach and many were names of students. Well, names mean essentially nothing to you unless you have a face to go with them... hence, this post. I wasn't able to get close up pictures of all the students as they were running about playing and having a blast the entire time. We went on a field trip last Friday to an indoor play area. Now, please keep in mind these poor students are in school a long time so the field trips are often more of a "fun time" versus the traditional American field trips in which you are required to learn something! :) So, I grabbed quick snap shots on the ipod which might explain some of poor quality in pictures.
This is Rainbow class: Molly and Noah

This is Angie and Alex

Sarah and Lily 

 Kevin, Allen and Andy and Mel

Josephina and Jack

Sean and    this is my boss, Hannah

When we were about to leave, Hannah took pictures of Jackie (the other Western teacher) and me with all the kids...




This doesn't include any of my afternoon students... If I get a chance I will grab some pics of them. Now when I mention a child's name, you will have a face to assign with the name :) 


How Kuku Family said...

Hey there sis!!!! Miss you and love seeing all your updates .... Things are good here - work work work :) Got 5" cut off my hair today, its in celebration of Spring! MIss ya xoxo

Rayia said...

Jen, they are all so darling!

Brittany Engebretsen said...

Awww, what beautiful kids! Thanks for sharing! =] Btw, I sent you an e-mail; hope you received it!