Our apartment

Finally... the post you have been waiting for~ our apartment. While I tried to get pictures of my first glances of the apartment upon arrival, keep in mind I was tired beyond words and so the details may be lacking... There is still more that we are going to do but I finally have it to a place where I will show you :)
This is our front door... and I guess we actually live on the fourth floor rather than the fifth floor (oops)

How do you like my turquoise front door? :) Yea, some people pay big bucks for that and I get it for free... and I will paint it the first chance I get... 

Our office/extra room:

The bathroom... now, if you don't know about Korean bathrooms, let me enlighten you. They are basically huge showers. The shower sprays all over the room so you don't have anything that could get ruined and the walls and floor are all tiled. Then you have mats to stand on to get out of the water on the floor. 

Our bedroom and the door there is a side room that has the water heater, etc.. We turned that into a walk in closet which is really nice. 

Now, to the current view of the house (and a cleaner one too!) :) 

Our first step was to move the washer out of the bathroom and outside next to our neighbor's. So, this is our "laundry room" :) 

Like my dryer? :) 

Another couple was moving out of a different apartment and the boss let us go through their furniture to replace some of ours. They had matching furniture unlike us so we took a lot of theirs and got rid of ours. :) The kitchen table and chairs...

The boss had the cupboards refinished with a film that looks like wood. It transformed the apartment! Also, we traded our larger fridge out for a smaller one since we are hardly home and it gave us more space. The racks on the wall are made to hold utensil holders, spice racks, etc.. we just haven't bought the extra stuff yet. 

The office is not finished as we are buying a desk very soon and will be able to make that room more usable space. 

The bathroom is not finished but it is so much better than it was! We obviously got the washer out, moved the cabinet from the other side of the room and hung towel racks. We are still going to buy a floor to ceiling wire shelf system to replace the ugly plastic thing.  (oh and I already got rid of the black cabinet after this picture was taken) 

We hung a shower curtain to "create" a shower so that the water doesn't spray everywhere :) 

And our bedroom... We got the bed and the tall dresser from the other couple and Robert got the short dresser from the trash :) Our bedding is in our shipment that is coming soon and we are still going to get different night tables. So, its not perfect but it is so much better than before! 

So its small but cozy. I hope you enjoyed the little "tour". We are really enjoying our life here and the place where we live is nice too. Anytime you want to visit, you are more than welcome :) 


Rayia said...

Thanks for giving us a peek! It reminds me very much of our first apartment!
I love your front door:)

Becky Engebretsen said...

Thanks for the look at your apartment. You and Robert have made it into a cozy little home (I was going to say "love nest") LOL!!! As Shawn and I have always said from the beginning of our marriage, it really doesn't matter what we live in as long as we are together!!

Willie'sGurl said...

your little home is a cute and cozy place. It was fun to get to see where you live. thank you for all the blog posts it has been fun. :)