Our Second weekend

Because we were thrown into the mix so quickly to cover for those other teachers, it feels like we have been here much longer than we actually have! This past Sunday was our second Sunday in the country. Wow. But, leading up to it we had a very fun-filled and relaxing weekend so I thought I'd share with you some of the stuff we got to do.

Fridays are long days for me. I am pretty much going strong from 9:45am (yes, yes I know that's not very early!) until around 6:00pm, with Robert getting home at 7:00pm. So, by the time we had made supper, we decided we wanted to run to Home Plus for 2 pillows. We returned with 2 pillows, a shower curtain, a floor to ceiling shower caddy and a large bathroom wooden mat (I will explain the bathroom situation later). Mind you, we hadn't taken our nifty little shopping cart either, so we were quite a sight to behold. Around 11:00 pm we were headed home and decided to check out our favorite bakery, "Paris Baguette". Luckily they were still open and we ate 2 cream puffs there and took a little cheesecake home with us (which was tied to my purse for the trek home :) We were quite the sight! Then, we got to enjoy the cheesecake after our rigorous walk...
This is the main road which our street connects too. Its quite the place late at night! We're bundled up as usual! I am so ready for Spring and I've only been here for 2 weeks!

Our mini-cheesecake for dessert :) Yep, good to the last bite. 

On Saturday our friend Jay, from school took us to do some "touristy" stuff. We took the metro farther into Seoul to see a famous palace. It was all looking a bit familiar but very different at the same time. After being there for awhile we realized it was the same palace we visited 3 years ago but it had been in the Summer so everything looked totally different! It was still fun to see it again! :) 

Because all the actual palaces and buildings were destroyed when Japan took over, these are all replicas and the detail is astounding! Everything is hand painted to look just like it did originally. 

I think one of my favorite things about Korea is how "East meets West" it is here. You can walk down the street and see a traditional looking building right next to a sky scraper with architecture like this!

We walked around some more and visited an underground museum. :) We then went on to a really touristy area which I will cover in the next post!  


Jamie said...

Looks like fun, Jen!
I should be getting your package sent in the mail today...hopefully!

Love you lots!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the post! So interesting to see how alike and yet so different things are over there. I am really enjoying these glimpses into your life. Have a good week...what's left of it anyway. :)