weekend continued...

Well, my computer was acting up this week and so I was not able to finish the last post.. So I will quickly wrap up the weekend (as it is already the next weekend) and move on to bigger and better things! :)

So, Jay took us to a really neat touristy place where we looked around, shopped and froze!

Roasted octopus, anyone? :) 


See if you can figure out what the next picture is:

For those of you that didn't guess it, it is Starbucks....but not just any Starbucks. Its the only one in the world (that's what I was told, at least) that has Starbucks written in a native tongue! Isn't that so cool?! 

So, we hung out there for awhile and then went home. Sunday we slept in and then left the house at 2:45 to catch a taxi to the metro. Once we got on the metro, it was about an hour trip to get to the church. We were a few minutes late so we didn't get to sit with Jay but we met up with him afterwards. The church's name is Onnuri and it has a large English service. We really enjoyed the service and being with fellow believers for the first time since we arrived. You forget how great it is until you lose it~having good influences around you all the time. After the service, we went with Jay to his small group meeting. It started out small but as time went on, it has grown to about 30 people. They are trying to get leaders so that they can split up into smaller groups again. 30 people is a lot for "small group discussion". We really enjoyed meeting people. There were native Koreans, Filipinos, Koreans that had lived in France, London and then there were a couple Americans, a Kiwi (New Zealander) and a South African~ the minute he introduced himself, I knew he was an Afrikaaner! I was so excited to hear that accent! :)  

The church is participating in a global outreach called "Fast for Freedom". Its an anti-slavery outreach to try to end human trafficking. This Sunday the service will be taped by CNN and then edited and broadcasted. We have to leave the house extra early this week because the small group wants to meet before the service! :) If you think of it, keep this issue in your prayers. So many are still bound by these chains and the Bible says to free the slaves. I pray that this can be a turning point for the Church around the world. Its excited to be a part of such an endeavor! 

Well, that was our weekend! Sorry it took so long to finish it up! :) 

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S. Lashley said...

I would try anything once. A tentacle, please. :)
Will keep "Fast for Freedom" in mind. I also support VOM, "Voice of the Martyrs", which is a great outreach too.
Glad to see you are settling in well. Take care!