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Sorry friends for abandoning you for so long. I assure you it wasn't intentional. As always, things got busy and blogging got pushed to the back burner... but NO MORE! For I have returned! :) Anyways, on to more important things... EASTER!!!!
I knew holidays would be different here but I didn't really know what to expect. Other than the fact that I took some time to think about Christ's death, nothing really special happened on Easter, which was really weird for me. I am used to the special programs and services at church, with the front of the church lined with Easter Lilies and everyone getting dressed up on their specially purchased Easter outfit, followed by a big family dinner. This is not how my Easter happened but that's ok. Things change and we just have to roll with it.
On Saturday, Robert and I went shopping just for the fun of it and for me to find an Easter outfit (I tried to at least keep up that tradition!). While out, we went to a wonderful Arabic restaurant which was amazing!

Saturday night we had our first party in our Apartment. For those of you that know me really well, you are probably wondering why it took me so long to have a party (two months is a long time for me!). Well, things were simply too busy and since 99% of our friends here are English teachers and work on the same basic schedule as us, getting together is reserved for the weekend. That being said, we kicked into third gear to get the apartment party-ready. 

I finally got all my jars labeled which I love! 

A room is not complete without pictures so we finally got some hung. 

This looked very nice until it all came crashing down at 4:30am nearly giving me a heart attack 
(no exaggeration~my heart was pounding for several minutes)

And we finally got that hideous plastic set of drawers out of the bathroom. Our goal is still 
to have a wire shelving system but this is so much better than it was! 

And then we had the book club. It was such a fun evening with friends! In traditional Korean style, the party took place on the floor. Its actually quite a nice and comfortable atmosphere. You should really try it sometime! 

On Easter, we left the house a littler earlier than usual with the purpose of meeting new friends. These were people we had heard about since before we moved here. They came about a week before we did and we have several mutual friends. It was such a delight meeting Chad and Joanna Newton. They live outside Seoul and were spending the weekend here so we were able to spend a few hours with them and what fun we had! We also got to celebrate Joanna's birthday with her, along with some of her wonderful South African co-teachers that were visiting with them. We had an awesome time making these new friends! 

Then it was off to Church to celebrate our Risen Lord! Another difference was, other than the praise team dressed in bright Springy colors, I didn't really notice a heavy Easter emphasis in the service. The pastor has been on a really good series so perhaps he didn't want to break that series. 


 I also wanted to share my first sprigs of Spring! I'm so excited to grow this Basil from scratch. I have always bought the plant already part-grown so this is my first to plant from seed. Pesto, here I come!!! 

Well, there you have it! That's what we have been up to lately. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter with friends and family while remembering the sacrifice that God made fore each one of us! 
I love you!


Renygirl said...

What an absolute delight! You are such an inspiration! Darrel and I are going back to the mission field! Be blessed and happy in the Lord!

ericaJ said...

Hope you kids had a wonderful Easter. Love your easter top. Thanks for the updates. Keeps from lying awake at night worrying. ;)

H. said...

I'm attempting to grow Basil too!