Seoulland Field trip

Since the kids here are in school so much, the field trips tend to be more fun-based than educational. Hey, its all good with me! I get paid to have a great day with my kiddos (not suggesting that I don't have great days with them during school, but you know what I mean). I really had no clue what to expect other than that we were going to a theme park. It was such a fun day! Let me start at the beginning (as all good bloggers do):
I arrived at school at 9:20 because I wanted to make sure I was there in plenty of time. We were scheduled to leave at 9:30. The kids were abuzz with excitement. We boarded two vans with Gloria and I in one and Sally, Hannah and Jackie in the other. This was our carload :)
Our trip began well despite the constant stop and go traffic. About halfway through the trip, the poor little girl in the middle, Sarah, got car sick and said she needed to throw up. Obviously Gloria was driving so I had to be the teacher that took care of it. Let's just say Im one of those people that if I see or smell throw up, I'm next. Unfortunately I didn't have that privilege because I was THE teacher! So, I kicked in teacher mode and grabbed a bag and held it for Sarah as she got rid of her breakfast...three times! My mind was going the entire time... "I have to be brave! I have to look in control and like I know what I am doing. This is good practice for being a mom... moms can't throw up every time their children do; that would just be inconvenient!" 
We finally arrived at Seoulland but before the park, we planted carnations.

If a teacher could have favorites... he's be at the top of the list :) 

After our carnations were potted, bagged, and in our trunk, we drove down the road to the park entrance. Upon entering, we got all set up for lunch. It was the cutest thing! All the kids had their own little mats and packed lunches (with all kinds of goodies that they don't usually have on a school day). We all took off our shoes, sat on our mats and enjoyed a lunch of fruit, veggies and "kim-bop" (seaweed-rice).

Then of course it was bathroom time... I took a group of the girls, lined them up and just stood in a stall, helping them all. We were bombarded with a group of senior citizens that kept pushing their way in so I just stood there blocking the way so my little girls could get finished. What struck me funny was these old ladies would be half undressed before even rounding the corner into the stalls! It was hysterical. I know that was totally a part of the day that you probably could care less about but oh well. It's already written... on to the rest of the day!
First ride was the "rock and roller". Only some of the kids were tall enough to go and I rode with one of the younger ones, Alex. I couldn't tell if he was loving it or hating it. He stayed so quiet and gripped the bar like his life depended on it. 

Have you ever been to a theme park this beautiful?! 

Some of the littler kids enjoying a Classical music ride:)

Sally is one of my favorite people! She and I laugh together all the time! 

How is it possible to fall in love with a group of kids this fast! 
I love every one of these kids so much! 
It's amazing where these faces turn up...

We did a 3D movie which they had enjoyed but it scared poor Molly to tears.

They even have their own mini Epcot ball!

Then it was into the balls for us! 
Sally attacked me and then we had a war :) 

Then it was back home for us... and I can safely say that a good time was had by all. 

When we gone home I had to quickly prepare for my last class of the day. I taught that and then went home. The only bad thing of the day was that it felt like a Friday so I had to get up the next day for school, but oh well. I made it... :)  Hope you enjoyed going on our field trip! There's more where that came so stick around. See ya next time! 


Shelly said...

That looked like so much fun!

Leah said...

Jenny - first of all I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures of your life! Awesome! Second, don't be too hard on a mom who can't handle kids throwing up! That would be me allllll the way! Just ask my children!! :)))) I only did it when I simply had no other choice!