as of late.

Wow. It's been awhile. Life has just been happening. Today is Teacher's Day! I find it a bit odd that it lands on a Sunday but oh well. Apparently Teacher's day used to be a really big deal but the government started putting the kabosh on it because it was getting too political. Parents were trying to buy good grades for their kids. Hey, I don't mind if you don't mind! :) Im totally kidding. I would never accept bribes. Anyway, on Friday I still did get some beautiful gifts from the students. They were so sweet.
This has nothing to do with Teacher Day but its our monthly trip to Costco. Its such a big trip! Very inconvenient but the things we are able to get make it worth the trip. The rolling cart had gigantic bottles of laundry soap, laundry softener, milk, and eggs. Robert's packpack was filled with things as well and the gigantic Costco bag was filled with oatmeal, cereal, a Brita water pitcher and chips. We had to walk to the subway station, team-carry the rolling cart down several flights of stairs, ride the train, transfer at the station that literally is down in the ground so we had to carry it down many more flights of stairs, ride that train. Then carry the stuff up out of the train station, get on a bus, get off a bus, carry it up our four flights of stairs and into the apartment. See why we only go once a month!?!? :) 

Now, back to Teacher's Day...

(I thought it was adorable that he gave me Vitamin Cs! Got to keep your teacher healthy! :)

Allen gave me perfume and Molly gave me a beautiful rose plant which is in the office. I love looking at it! Now, hopefully I don't kill it as I generally do to plants. :)

On Saturday I had a wonderful day shopping with my friend Sally! 

Then in the evening it was off to our favorite restaurant for a date with the hubby :)

And of course, dessert was yummy frozen yogurt at our 
little Yoger Presso Coffee shop

Well friends, that's about all our exciting life consists of right now :) We are leaving early in the morning tomorrow for Japan to finish all our visa paperwork. We will only be there for a day, but still, its a stamp in my passport! :) I will delight you will all the pictures when we return! Have a lovely week. 
Until next time... 

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