on the eve of yet another holiday

Its Buddha's Birthday... Happy birthday to him. I get the day off!!! :) Most elementary schools gave their kids Monday off too, but unfortunately our school didn't. That's ok, I can't be greedy. I'm just happy I get Tuesday off. So, what to do on the eve of a holiday? Well for starters, we spent an hour in the gym. After showering and getting slightly presentable, we went to a new favorite little spot close to our house. This place just opened and it is so cute and the prices are ridiculously cheap and the food is fantastic! Its called "Bistro Slow".

The decor is rustic but classic and chic. It's so cute! 
The artwork on the walls is amazing and all hand painted

Then it was off to a new coffee shop that we had spied last week: "Coffee Mama" 
Again, the artwork on the walls was all hand painted... 

Recently, I was with a group of women and some of the married women made jokes about "wait... don't do it!", "Hold on to your independence for as long as possible!" While I enjoyed my single life immensely, I can't imagine my life without Robert. Sure, we have those times where we give each other the "look" that translates: "I am not too happy with you right now!" but I have not once, wished I was not married to him. I tell every single girl I can, "do it! find that someone and get married! It's the best thing you will ever do!" I get to spend every day with my best friend... it doesn't get much better than that. 

It's a hard life.... but someone has to do it. 

In other news... We finally bought a coffee grinder! But wait until you see it! The thing is, this was the only one at the store! It wasn't even like I chose this one deliberately, but I definitely would have!

So we bought some Kona Hawaiian and some Blue Mountain Hazelnut coffee. No more of that Folgers in a French Press! :) And there you have it, my "at home" coffee experience just got better. Stay tuned friends. Love you! 


Mary Ellen said...

As always, enjoyed reading your blog. LOVE the coffee grinder, cutest thing ever.

Loved what you said about your husband - 16 years later (as of this last week) and four kids later and there has still never been a day when I wished I wasn't married to Rick. Sure we give each other the "look" and we have disagreements and arguments but never anything we can't work through and I'm with you, why wouldn't I want to spend everyday with my best friend? I always thought that saying about love growing deeper, etc. was a little silly when I was younger but now I know exactly what it means.

Love reading your blogs and looking at your pics, keep 'em coming!

Jamie said...

Great post, Jen!
I love all that artwork...so amazing!

Lots of love,

Rayia said...

I agree, isn't it glorious to be married to our husbands, our best friends! Oh, yes!

Whitney♥ said...

I love this post. I love your blog in general its so awesome! and you make married life seem so fun and exciting...alot of my friends who have gotten married say that they have gotten "used to their husbands" meaning that they don't have fun with them anymore they just are used to them being around. If/when I get married I am determined to not have that attitude. I want my marriage to be lively and exciting just like yours:)

20 yrs