Celebrating Children's Day

Here in Korea we have a national holiday called Children's Day~ everyone gets off school and the parents and schools (usually) give the kids gifts. Well, in kindy fashion, we went all out for our kiddos :) We started the day out by watching "Horton Hears a Who" which I of course loved but the poor kids had to watch it with subtitles so if there was nothing visibly interesting happening, they were pretty much bored. They made it through and had a good time simply because they were watching a movie! :) Then we had lunch. This too was a special menu. On an average day our tray looks like this:
Rice~ Soup~ Vegetable of some kind~ Protein of some kind~ Kimchi or Kakdugi 
(Each day it is slightly different and all homemade so it is very good!) 

But today we had Spaghetti which was absolutely delicious, an amazing cream soup, bread (a huge treat for the kids!), pickled radish and fresh tomatoes. The kids loved it! I found out from several afternoon students that they had spaghetti too so I think it is a "Children's Day" meal or something. 

After lunch we packed up and walked through town to a park. The weather was gorgeous and the walk was so delightful! I tried to snap a few shots on the way...

Unfortunately all but 3 mothers apparently forgot about the special day and put their kids in 
Tae kwon do uniforms but the kids still had a great time :) 

We played really fun games and of course the teachers played too! 
1. a balloon game where each team tried to grab the other team's balloon
2. Balloon relay (this is such a cute one to watch!) 
3. a relay game with candy in flour and they had to get the candy without their hands. 
Sally loved being mean and pushing their faces in it :)
4. a "teacher relay" where each teacher had to have the student stand on our feet and we raced. After several rounds it was quite tiring.
5. onion ring relay where there was a string with onion ring chips on it and they had to bite one off without touching it with their hands. 

(Team Jenny~Chris won against Team Gloria~Jackie)

Local Spectators :) 

And we finished out the day with some yummy Ice Cream :) 

It was a but anti-climatic though since after all the celebration, I still had 4 classes to teach. They went very smoothly and I gave them all chocolate pies (our version of a moon pie) which they were all grateful for. They had been griping that some of their schools hadn't done anything for Kid's Day! :( So the day went by very nicely and then it was time to go home. Robert and I had to go to Itewon to meet with Robert's tailor and so we set out to do that and to grab some dinner. I was really in the mood for Mexican and Jackie had told me of a really good place~ "Taco Amigos". It was very good food and it was like we were back in Stuart Fl eating at El Torro's or something :) When we got back to Dobong, we were feeling quite footloose and fancy free since we have no school tomorrow so we went on a quest to find some coffee grounds. We were unsuccessful but we did come home with some yummy goodies, whipped cream and chocolate milk. For those of you that read my post on coffee, brace yourselves... this one is so much better!!!! Robert has been reading Jack London's writing and he decided to try something from his book. 
We heated chocolate milk (I always mix store bought chocolate milk with white milk) on the stove until it barely began to boil. We then poured that directly over the coffee in the french press and let sit. I said I got some whipped cream from the bakery and I put a dallop of that on top of the mocha-inspired coffee goodness and OH MY WORD!!! Starbucks ain't got nothing over us and Jack London! This stuff was amazing. And because we were feeling so invincible, I drank said drink at around 11:00pm so with the amount of caffeine and sugar, I probably won't sleep for the next few days... all in the name of a holiday. 

So, tomorrow I will sleep in as late as I possibly can, then perhaps brave the crowds for a lunch with friends and then who knows what else the day may bring. 
There you have it... that's how we celebrate Children's Day here in Korea :) 

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