enjoying a cup o' Joe

I'm sure you have all your favorite coffee makers and a special way of drinking your coffee. If you don't, then you could care less about this post and have about a thousand other things to do... well on to my point. For our wedding, we were given a glorious gift in the shape of a Keurig coffee maker. You know the ones- you stick the K cup in, push the button and viola! you have coffee! Now, before you go thinking that I am some addict, let me assure you that I enjoy coffee but am in no way addicted to it. I can go days without even thinking about drinking it. Well the reason for this post was simply that as I was making a cup of coffee this morning, I was really missing my quick and easy Keurig coffee (It's quite large and just couldn't fit into the boxes we brought with us). However I am of the mindset that when life gives you coffee beans... grind them up and make super good coffee. So I want to share with you my little coffee routine... its not Starbucks but its pretty good.

Step 1: Heat water in tea kettle and put 2 heaping spoons of coffee in the French Press
(the amount depends on how strong you like your coffee)

2. In a mug, pour a little bit of milk and sprinkle cinnamon on top

3. Pour boiling water in and let set for about 3-5 minutes
(again, the longer it sits, the stronger it will be)

4. Pour and enjoy!

The result is great and would be even better with some whipped cream on top, alas I don't have any in the fridge at present. But, can't you see why I was missing the quicky coffee?! This takes time :) But the taste is delicious and I enjoy the coffee immensely after putting so much of my precious time into it~ :)

Incidentally, do you know where the nickname "Cup O' Joe" comes from? It is from the wars when the G.I. Joes drank so much coffee and the people started referring to it as a "cup o' Joe" :) So there, if you knew it already, good for you! And if you didn't, well you just learned something :) 

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Anonymous said...

I just saw this post. I love making coffee this way! It tastes wonderful! I don't know if you have chocolate or caramel syrup there, but it makes the coffee taste even better. :)
Joana Ryder