hospital visit

Now before any of you freak out and think one of us is deathly ill, let me explain... Since we got our visas, all that remained for us to get our Alien Registration card was a quick trip to the hospital for a physical. We got to the hospital at 9:20 am and I thought for sure we were going to have to call the school and tell them we'd be late! But that place ran like a Swiss clock! Honestly, it was the smoothest and most well-executed physical I have ever had. We were both out of there and back to school by 9:45! We had a Korean with us that did all the talking and just showed us where to go which was nice.

1.  We filled out our paperwork in the waiting room
2. Went upstairs and paid for the physical
3. Went back downstairs and got weighed
4. Had an eye test and a hearing test

 5. Had my blood pressure taken and then my blood drawn
6. Gave a urine sample
7. Had a quick chat with the doctor concerning any allergies 
8. Had a chest X-ray taken 

And Voila! we were out of there. Like I said, it was the fastest and most efficient doctor's appointment I have ever had!! 

And Just for fun... 
Oh how I wish this was true! :) 
Love ya! See you again soon... 

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Jessie said...

Hey there! :) Just checking out your blog. So glad y'all had a pleasant physical experience. When I had mine two years ago, I couldn't believe how smoothly things ran either. It was the best blood-drawing experience I've ever had! haha. Love those comics, by the way. Oh how I wish a sundae + a crouton would = a salad! haha. I'll try and use that sometime :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!!