in the key of "bee"

As usual, life is just happening for us right now. While that may not seem to make sense, what I mean is that nothing "extraordinary" has been happening of late. But I guess any day can be special if you choose to find the "extra" in the middle of the ordinary... So, here is what we've been up to:
1. I tried a new hairstyle that I saw in Japan... I figured I'd share it with you. It's an inverted french braid along the side and it wraps around the back...
and finishes in a low bun/twist on the other side of your head. What can I say? Those Japanese are pretty creative :) 

2. We went shopping... this really isn't out of the ordinary for us! We do it quite frequently! :) But on this particular outing, I wanted to show you how people go about carting things in the city. At every large store, there is a free DIY area outside for you to pack your items however you would like. 
3. I cooked a Korean meal. Now, before you go and get all impressed, let me tell you the whole truth... it was from a box... pathetic I know. I did the rice in the rice cooker, cooked the vegetables and the meat on the stove and then tore open the sauce package and poured it over the mix. And there you have it: "Jajjang". To be honest, it wasn't that spectacular but I have had it from scratch and it is really good so next time I will just make it from scratch :) 
4. We went on another field trip! This one was supposed to be just a half day but as things turned out, it became more of a day event. It was a lot of fun. We took the kids to see "A Bee Musical". I took a few pictures until the man behind me told me I wasn't allowed to... oops. I'm a foreigner... what can I say?

Until next time...

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