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Hello again... Yep, it's me. I can't really say anything major has happened in the last little while but since this is somewhat of a diary for me, I figured I might as well document the ordinary with the extraordinary, so that's what this is: just a day in the lives of Jen and Rob...

I leave him for 10 minutes and this is what I come home to. :) We decided his Memoirs would be titled "Peter Everlasting" or "Tuck Pan" (disregard completely if you don't understand the references made) 

Then I attended the "Royal Wedding" and it was a smashing success! I loved it so much! Her dress was gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful. I loved when Prince Harry caught a glimpse of her and whispered to William and started laughing. It was so cute to watch the brothers together. For some reason I remember the time around Princess Diana's death very vividly and I can remember feeling such sadness for those two young boys as they made that long walk through the crowd of mourners. They were being so brave and yet the pain was written all over their faces. To see them today, still very close and supportive of each other is a wonderful thing. 
I thought the ceremony was wonderful and the pastor said something that really stuck with me. He said when you don't have Christ in your relationship, you look to the other person for your entire source of happiness. That is both unrealistic and unfair. That person is not able to fulfill that entirely. This results in unattainable expectations and unhappiness in marriage. You have to have Christ in the center to be that contant source of joy and peace and your spouse can offer love, support and companionship. It was a historical event that I will always remember and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to watch it. 


We went shopping on a very rainy afternoon. We both love rainy days so it really was quite delightful except for when my boots were soaked all the way through. I was really missing my rain boots :( They are in the shipment that is on its way here... Guess I didn't count on the Spring rains hitting just yet. 

 After shopping, we met Chris and Roger for sushi. Now, I'm not a huge sushi eater and I didn't eat much here either but it was a cool experience because I have always wanted to go to a moving sushi bar like I've always seen in the movies :) Now I can I check it off the list. 

(Can't you see the extreme excitement in my eyes?!) 

And, on our shopping trip we did something that I have wanted to do for a long time! We each bought a pair of Converse tennis shoes :) I have wanted pink converse for who knows how long and I finally have them :) The great thing is, mine are actually a Korean version of Converse and cheaper. :) 

The funniest thing about this, is that the green shoe has absolutely nothing to do with the shot :)
 I saw it afterwards but thought it was too funny to crop out. 
He was feeling left out and wanted to be in our shoe picture :)
 (this was taken on the subway ride home) 

Then this weekend, we spent some time at one of our favorite spots: Paris Baguette.
The atmosphere is a bit like Starbucks and its just a relaxing place to read or journal 
while munching on yummy pastries of all kinds :) 
The ceilings are covered in mirrors so Robert got this pretty cool shot :) 

And there you have it... This week we have a national holiday coming up, "Children's Day" and since the Kindergarten is super cool, we are having a party all day Wednesday and you know I'm going to have my camera out :) So, expect a post soon about that. Until the next time, may you have a wonderful and blessed day... 

"I like when good things happen to me, 
but I wait two weeks to tell anyone because 
I like to use the word 'fortnight'." 
~Demitri Martin 

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