Getting back to normal

Well, I'm home and I pretty much hit the ground running (which Mythbusters proved is impossible but I still use the phrase). I have so many pictures I will share from my trip back to the states but I currently don't have time to wait while they all upload :) Soon, I promise. For now, I thought I'd just give you a quick update on our lives. I returned home on June 20th, which just so happened to be our 2nd year Anniversary. Kind of a bum deal to be traveling away from Robert for the majority of the day, but life happens. What are you gonna do? So, I arrived home while he was still at school and he had told me that my present was waiting for me. I had no clue what it could possibly be! What a surprise when I walked in the door and found this waiting for me!!

I have been missing my oven so much, so I am super excited to try out my new one! Plus, having 3 burners compared to just 2 will also be a great improvement. Basically my husband is just the best! :) 

After I had a chance to get some laundry started and get my bag unpacked, we went to our favorite little spot here in town for a quiet little dinner date. When we asked the lady to take a picture, we told her what the occasion was. They fixed us a little sweet apple and cheese tortizza. It was amazing! It was "service"(that is the term for something free or a bonus item). We had a wonderful time together, of course. We always do! He's been the love of my life for over 5 years now... 2 of them being the best years of marriage I could imagine! I thank God for allowing such an amazing man into my life.

Another great thing was that our shipment arrived on Monday too so it was like Christmas! We stayed up late unpacking all the stuff and our apartment looked like we just moved in! I am so excited to have my sewing stuff, as well as some other stuff too. We wondered why we bothered packing a few things but hindsight is always clearer. We had no idea what we could find here when we were packing those boxes. Oh well, it was still nice to get all the stuff!

In other news, I decided to go red! And by that, I do mean my hair. Because I am not brave enough to commit myself to any color other than my natural one, I just did a rinse which will last about a month. Its a fun summer color and hey, Ill be red for the 4th of July! :)

I have lots to blog about so hopefully you will see more of me this weekend! :) Also, my kindy kids are working very hard, preparing for their concert on Tuesday and I will do my best to get pictures. I am the announcer so it just depends if I can get someone else to take the pictures for me. They are so cute and I just love watching them! So excited for the actual concert :) Stay tuned... 

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Rayia said...

Your new stove is awesome! So sweet! And I love your new hair color, fun!