A pleasant surprise

Well, I am currently in Mitchell, South Dakota visiting for my grandparents 70th anniversary. I made the long trip alone as a surprise for everyone and am having so much fun seeing everyone. It's a very quick trip. I left Korea on Wednesday evening and arrived in detroit at the same time on the same day (13 hour time difference). Had a layover and then flew to Kansas city to meet my parents and my sister. We all came up to south Dakota together the next day. I head back to Korea early Sunday morning and make the long roughly 24 hour trip home and will arrive in Seoul on Monday afternoon. I've been looking forward to this trip for a couple months now and it has been totally worth it. So, I will blog all about it when I get back home. :) see you later...

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MKlassen said...

Jennifer, we really enjoyed seeing all of you. Have a safe trip back.
Love, Mark and Audrea