our weekend

We had a lovely and relaxing weekend. It started out on Saturday morning with a yummy breakfast, courtesy of Jamie Oliver :) French Toast~ meet your mother. If you want the recipe, check out his website and search for blueberry and banana french toast (I had to make a few changes with mine based on the fruits in season). So it was a wonderful start to the weekend. And it was quickly followed by a trip to the gym :) 

Then we had a great time with Mira, Leah and Noah watching Kung Fu Panda 2. 

After the movie, we had the awesome privilege of going to dinner at our friends, Danny and Grace's house. This was our first time to be at a Korean's home so it was extra special. Grace is an amazing cook and we had our favorite dish, "bibimbap" along with "bulgogi and salad. I took notes, believe me! :) It was such a wonderful evening of fellowship that ended in music and singing together. 

Sunday brought another change for us. We made the decision to change churches. We enjoyed our time at Onnuri and made some wonderful friends that we will continue to stay in contact with but we just wanted to find somewhere closer to home. Also, we joined the praise team which is so much fun! I have never done anything like that so it is a really great experience. 

Until the next time...

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