a day full of craftiness...

I was so excited to receive my sewing machine and serger in our shipment and I quickly started some projects :) I have a few that are not finished but I will surely share them as soon as they are done. Starting off, I decided to make a few of my shirts a little more Summery...
Then, what do you do with a beautiful shower curtain that is not needed anymore? 

 I'm glad you asked... you turn it into a cute skirt, of course! :) Im so happy with how it turned out and wore it to church on sunday. Of course, the first time I wear I, I spill food on it! :( ugh. 

Ok, side note from the crafts... I believe that a toilet is good for all necessary purposes and should not be noticed for anything other than its usefulness. That being said, some of you may have noticed our hideous blue marbled toilet seat in our apartment. It was old, cracked and ugly. Well, finding a good replacement proved harder than expected. Apparently in Asia, the toilet is a decorating piece and should be displayed in all its glory! I could not find one neutral colored toilet seat anywhere! 

So, we finally decided the only thing left to do was embrace the craziness and go with it...
Does it look like a freshman's dorm room? (no offense to any freshman) Yes it does. But, it was the only one that matched our green towels and the brown in our shelf. I also made matching curtains to bring out the fun green. :)

On Saturday, Hannah and I spent the morning shopping at a gigantic textile mall and were super thrilled about our purchases! 

All that shopping called for coffee and dessert at a favorite spot, Caffe Bene :)

Then we headed home to spend the rest of the day sewing 
We had a blast but it was a lot of work! Definitely not for the faint of heart :)

Hard at work on various projects :) 

I made pillow shams from my old kitchen curtains :) 
If you haven't picked up on it, I like to reuse things :)

After we exhausted ourselves with sewing, we settling in to watch a movie, 
play some games and munch on some chips and salsa :) 

We had a great weekend together and I look forward to our next "Sew Day"

On Sunday night we decided to have Mexican food. It was the first time since being here that I pulled out my family's recipe for flour tortillas and gave them a try. We made fajitas and they were amazing! 

Making due without a rolling pin :) 

So, that's what up right now. We are heading into Summer camp this week so things will be a little busy for about a month. When the kids are on their Summer break from school, they come to Hogwon for more intensive English classes. Yep, I'm serious. So that just means we work a little more during the Summer. Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing week. Until next time... 


Anonymous said...

I love all the creativity in this post! My favorites are the shower curtain skirt and the crazy toilet seat cover :) You're doing good with what you've got!

Tricia Williams said...

Look at you Susie Homemaker! I've been wanting to make homemade tortillas for a while now. I bet yours were amazing! Your shower curtain skirt was such a great idea! I hope you got the stain out.