A weekend with friends

We were so happy when our friends, Jo and Chad Newton called us and asked if they could stay at our house this weekend because she was headed to the airport on Saturday to go back to America to visit family. Of course we were ecstatic to have them! They live about 3 hours outside of Seoul so they came on Friday evening and she left Saturday at noon. It was a short time but we crammed in as much fun as we could :) For dinner, we made Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas (complete with homemade tortillas) which were amazing! After we let our food settle, we walked around showing them our school and then went to Paris Baguette for coffee and dessert.

Rather than just asking someone to take the picture, Robert hooked the camera on the light fixture and made sure it was hanging at just the right place and then did the timer. It was hysterical! Amazing thing is, the picture actually turned out good! :)

Then we tried a yummy shaved ice dessert that Joanna recommended and it was fabulous! Why I haven't tried one already is beyond me! I will be ordering it many times before the Summer ends :) 

Then it was back to the house for more fun! I wish a picture could produce sound because these guys were making some amazing music together! Granted, our neighbors were most likely cursing us in Korean due to the late hour but we were loving it! 

And while the boys serenaded us, the girls had a mini pamper party... well I did at least. Joanna was doing the pampering :) 

Then it was time to say goodbye :( We had a lovely coffee time together in the morning and then we all went to lunch before she had to catch her bus. 

Then, I went all "sew-crazy" and finished up all kinds of projects that I had started literally years ago! It was a super fulfilling day for me. :)

First off is a casual little skirt that is perfect for just about anything :)

Then, came my Lily-impression skirt. I am too cheap to buy Lily but I love the prints, so a long time ago I found his mimic fabric and loved it. Finally I will be able to enjoy it :) 

YAY for sewing!!!! 

While I was on a roll, I finished dresses for my nieces that I had cut out for over a year! Its a good thing I cut them out big because they've grown so much since then! If you saw them up close, you would see all kinds of flaws in the craftsmanship of them but for my first little girl dresses, I was pleased with the results. 

These projects are from my sewing day last week, it just took me awhile to get them up and photographed :) My bathroom curtains are not completely to my satisfaction yet, but I like the direction they are going (and they tie in nicely with the toilet seat, if you will recall). 

My kitchen curtains. I'm in love with the fabric. They add so much cuteness to my little kitchen and I love them

And because I share a very small laundry area, I got a nice little shelf system worked out. No, its not the laundry room of my dreams, but it does the trick :) 

And that's all for now... See you again soon :) 

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Katrina said...

I love seeing your sewing projects. You are very talented!