summer. rain. and more rain.

In Kindy this week, we had a field trip planned for Wednesday and we were to go to a health and safety thing. Not really sure exactly what it was but I think it had to do with storm safety, etc. Well, its been raining non-stop here for the last couple weeks as it was doing on Wednesday. We were a little unsure if we should go but we decided to head out anyway. We divided the kids between two vans and just before we pulled out, I just felt like I should say a little prayer for our safety. Our trip was going well but slow and we were stopped in traffic when our van was  rear ended. Fortunately, it was an ever so slight tap on the back so there was no damage to the car or to any of the passengers, but my mind went to what could have happened and I was reminded of God's faithfulness and protection! Because our trip was delayed by the rain and by this incident, we just decided to turn around and go back to school. The kids had a picnic lunch packed, so we just spread out the mats and ate in one of the classrooms :)  
As with anything, a strength can often be a weakness and vice versa. This culture runs on the last minute, I mean literally.. the last minute! Being a planner, you can see how this can be really frustrating to me. However, this "weakness", shall we call it, turns out to be a strength in certain situations. Because our original plans fell through, we were left with kids eager to have fun and teachers not so eager to have classes :) In about 15 minutes we made completely different plans and we were back in the car to head to an indoor playroom and the kids had a blast!! Talk about last minute :) 

The "teacher's station" :)

Needless to say, we had a wonderful day and though our plans were altered, 
there were no sour moods and everyone had fun. 

Now, onto other news... I may sound like a broken record, but honestly, it rains ALL THE TIME!!!! Everyday, all day, all night, it just doesn't stop. The sad news is that in the northern part of South Korea there were 36 deaths just yesterday due to all the flooding. So therefore I have to thank God for his blessings in our lives. All that we really have to complain about is that our apartment isn't really holding up too good to all the rain :( 

Water was coming through some of the windows too but we were able to get that taken care of today. The landlady is working on the other things now. I'm just looking forward to August when the rain is supposed to stop. Other than that, things are pretty much the same with us. We have summer camp going right now so our schedule is a little different but we are making it just fine. 

Until next time :) 

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