Kindy Hiking Day

We arrived at the mountain to find that the people had given our spots to another Kindergarten. After we got everything worked out, we began dragging all our things up the mountain... not a simple task. Let's just say before the hiking day even started I think I hiked that mountain 3 times! We hung artwork along the hiking path for parents and other hikers to enjoy as well as various "Courses" where the families had to stop and complete a task as each one. The students and their families arrived at 10:30a.m. and we had a little meeting time before heading up the mountain. 

This is a really fun game that is Paper, Rock, Scissors with body movements

The kids had to jump rope and hula hoop and well as play a Korean version of hacky sack

There's always room for a clown! 

Time to Sing and Dance for the parents :) 

We had to describe words and the kids had to guess the word. 
They were so cute! 

One of the courses had them make a leaf crown

Molly had a bottle cap on her crown :) She was so adorable. 

Alex and his grandma writing an acrostic for HIKING 


Korean picnics are the greatest... wait haven't I said that before? Well, its true! 

Game Time! 
They had the best games planned

X/O was a true or false game. They would say something like "Jenny and Kristen are sisters" and the people had to decide if it was true or not. Last one standing won.

Next was family balloon relays

Sweater rope- which team had the longest rope? (our team won!) :) 




It was an extremely exhausting day but it was all worth it to see how much fun the kids were having! They loved every part of it and had a blast. 

Stay tuned folks... 

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