A not so scary Halloween...

Well any party in Kindy is never half done and that went for our Halloween bash! The kids were so excited leading up to the day and had a fabulous day of trick or treating! :) I was snapping pictures as much as I could, but two pairs of eyes are always better so I stole a few from my friend Kristen :) You can follow her journey in Korea here. There was a buzz of excitement the entire morning! The actual event did not start until 11:00 but a few kids came earlier because of parent's work schedules, etc. When everyone arrived there was a general flurry of kids checking out each others costumes, random bouts of exclamation and the general kid stuff that comes with a holiday entirely centered on getting loads of candy. 

I absolutely love this picture because it completely depicts Molly! She is going 90 miles an hour with the world whirling around her! :) She has about as much energy as my cat Darcy did! (those of you that knew my cat, know just how much energy I am talking about) :) 


Kristen and Jenny- two of the foreign teachers
 (Eric and Chris showed up later for the Halloween parade)

Allen said he was a Caribbean pirate, but I kind of thought it was more 
Three Musketeers, but who am I to crush a kid's dream? 

Andy as Spider Man

Lily-Angel, Jason- Harry Potter, Edwin- Power Ranger, Sarah- black cat

I told Jack to give me his best dragon face :) 

A Magician (Sean) and Hocus Pocus(?) (Josephina) 

Sally- one of my best friends in Korea


Jason- Harry Potter/ Mel and Julie- Snow Whites :0 

Noah- Power Ranger/ Alex- the most blinged out Super man I have ever seen :) So cute! 

Mini and Amy- Cinderella
As you can probably see, there was a little "Who wore it best" 
tension going on between these two! 

Before lunch, we made masks

Bella was a black cat too (she didn't want her picture taken earlier)
had to snap a quick one :) 

And what's a party without a little face painting?! 

Time to go Trick or Treating!!! 

Molly was so excited that I was Tinkerbelle!
 She basically wouldn't leave my side the whole day.
 It was like baby fairy and mommy fairy :) 

We met mothers and sang two songs and then the kids got candy. Since there were just a few parents, each one gave a ton of candy so these kids made out like bandits! :) 

Good publicity is everything :) 

Sad to know this was one of Amy's last events with us. She is already missed. She came back to visit the other day and was so excited to see all the teachers :) 

After trick or treating we went back to the school for alittle rest and snack time before embarking on a Halloween parade through the neighborhood as a recruitment thing for the school. It got cold so I lost the wings and wore my sweater (hey, even Tink gets cold!) The kids were exhausted and I ended up carrying Molly the final part of the treck back. Now I know why this only happens once a year! 

A good time was had by all... 

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