pro-crast-i-na-tion: its a verb

I am sitting here with laptop in hand and seriously about a hundred things to do. October has never been a special month for me and therefore never really stood out to me. This year it is surprisingly busy. Sad to say but I'm kind of excited for November to come... Here's the scoop:

1. Module 5 in all 3 of our classes, which we are currently on just happens to be the biggest ones in the courses so lucky us!!! 

2. Kindergarten is participating in a speech contest tomorrow so we have been practicing with the students everyday 

3. Family Hiking day is next Saturday. Fun, you say? yes it would be if it didn't also involve making projects in every class to showcase for the parents that day. That means I need 2 projects for every student= 36 projects. 

4. Halloween is coming and we are supposed to have all the classrooms decorated by this Friday. Since I am the "crafty" one in the bunch, I'm busy drawing pumpkins, spiders and bats. Joy.

5. November is the big month for parents to look at schools for next school year. Next week we will busy practicing with the students and preparing to video us teaching the courses offered next year in order to create a presentation to show the parents of the different classes offered at our kindergarten. I have to prepare my stuff for that and get my students ready for it. 

6. Just found out yesterday that one of my afternoon classes is supposed to have a presentation at the end of the month. Since we have not been working on it at all, in the coming week we will research, write, type, memorize it and make coordinating power points. Luckily these students are very good at all that and I will only be overseeing the work. 

Thank you for letting me vent in list form. I feel so much better now... 

^^ Happy Fall Ya'll ^^
~from South Korea 

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