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Well, its been a busy last few weeks. I think I sometimes sound like a broken record... "busy...busy...busy" Well, thank goodness that's over for awhile. I can actually breath now! We decided at the beginning of our Master's course to just dive in and get a good chunk done, so we enrolled in 3 courses. For all you college people, 3 courses doesn't sound like much. However, let me assure you that it is a full plate, especially when you add it to teaching full time. It tends to suck out any life you may have had prior. Am I complaining? Not at all. Am I rejoicing that those classes are all successfully behind us and done with good grades? YES I AM! So, we have a short respite until December 1st when we start the next set, but this one won't be nearly as stressful because with the holidays and going to America, we backed our course load down to 1 class for this set. We will be able to enjoy the next few months :) 

What else? Well, Winter is almost here and with it, its disgusting weather! As I have said before, I am a Florida girl. I hate cold with a passion and would rather be sweating. Everyone always says how much they love the cold weather because they can wear cute winter clothes. Forget it! I'm so bundled up, its impossible to see if I look cute or not! What's the point!? :) Ok, so a girl still has to shop even when she doesn't want to (wink* wink*) so I ran into a little consignment store on the way to school and found this adorable coat. I was in love and so was the coat, so we left the store together. 

Last Saturday Kindy had its big presentation day for prospective parents. They had passed out a ton of flyers a few weeks back and were hoping for a big turnout. For my sake, I was pretty glad that it was not well attended but for the schools' sake I felt really bad. I had to give a demonstration class on Phonics with some of our current students just to give an idea of how we conduct our English classes. The presentation went very well and I was was pleased. 

Textbooks and Uniforms 

Being that things generally run last minute here, we spent about 3 hours running around cleaning, gluing things, hiding things, and all manner of preparation for this event. I forgot that fact 
(after 9 months you would think I would catch on), so I went with hair curled and 
completely dressed up. Oh well... :) 

As I said, my presentation was on Phonics. It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. The reason there is no photo documentation is because the gentleman I asked to take pictures forgot. 
I won't disclose who he is, but his initials are R.B. :) 
So, after I was finished, I snapped one of Kristen doing her presentation on which animals live in the zoo and the farm. It was cute. 

 A. We are in Korea and its just what we do, and 
B. the room was just completely remodeled with new wood floors,
 so they ask you to remove your shoes and give you these classy little slippers. 
I just love how they accent my outfit :) 

Here are some of the materials I used for my presentation :) 

After a long day at work (ON A SATURDAY), I was delighted to be able to spend the evening with my bestie, Hannah. We live about an hour and a half from each other so we can only see each other on weekends. It had been awhile and we were both excited to see each other. We went to Myeong-dong and started the evening out with a delicious Italian dinner in a lovely little restaurant neither of us had been to. After dinner we hit up Forever 21. Being that it is 3 stories, it takes awhile so we didn't shop anywhere else. After shopping, no evening would be complete without coffee. Starbucks started their Christmas drinks so I was super excited to have a Peppermint Mocha. I was pretty angry during Fall that they didn't have my Pumpkin Spice Latte. In a very small way, this made up for that. We decided to sit outside and enjoy our hot drinks in the cold 
(I know, I know... me who hates cold....I'm a walking contradiction I guess). 

Yes, Hannah Nee, let's rediscover why we're best friends... 

After all that goodness, a whole week went by with nothing special going on. I was a little homesick with the soon arriving Thanksgiving holiday but I tried to be a big girl... Our church is having a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday which I am extremely excited about. The paster ordered Turkeys from the army base and some cranberry sauce. I am making apple pie, stuffing and pumpkin souffle and people are all pitching in for other sides. It will definitely be a fusion meal but that makes it all the more fun, don't ya think? Our friends, Chad and Joanna Newton are coming up to Seoul to stay with us this weekend and anytime the four of us are together, its a party for sure! 

On the actual Thanksgiving day, of course we all worked... no biggie... but weren't sure what to do for dinner. It seemed almost un-American not to do SOMETHING special. We decided that as long as we ate American food, that was good enough so all the American teachers (except Eric who had to work late) headed to TGIFridays for a Thanksgiving dinner :) 
Robert said it was almost sacrilegious for me to eat Chicken Enchiladas on Thanksgiving, 
but hey... you got to do what you got to do, right? 

 Ashley- Kristen- John- Robert- Jen

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from South Korea...

*There's more to come after the weekend*

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