a less than desirable weekend

In this month of Thankfulness, I am so glad to have my health. It seems that I often take it for granted until I am laying in bed, miserable and sick. Well, this happened last weekend. I don't like to share my personal "bellyache" (no pun intended) stories but this was somewhat of a milestone for me. How you might ask? What's so special about this bit of sickness? Well, I will tell you. It was my first time (that I can recall) in my life to be in the emergency room of a hospital... in Korea no less.

From Thursday to Sunday I stayed home, eating almost nothing and being miserable with a stomach flu. Robert was such an amazing nurse and took great care of me, including homemade chicken soup :)

Being the tough and hardy American that I am ;), I refused to go to the hospital until the last possible moment. Finally on Sunday I was so weak and dehydrated that I finally decided to get checked out, and get on an IV. They took my blood, did some x-rays and then just let the IV do it's magic. I felt stronger as I got the fluids.

(My first IV)

just 'cuz I'm tough like that

The final verdict on the stomach bug? It was caused by one of three things: something I ate, something I drank, or just a bacteria I picked up from being around kids. No biggie... 

So, it was back to juke (rice porridge) for another day 

I lost a little bit of weight which set my co-teachers on a self-proclaimed mission of getting me "back to health":) Tuesday night was Sally's dinner treat and Thursday night is Gloria's treat. They crack me up! 

Let's just say, I am so happy to feel well again! 

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H. said...

Sorry you've been sick- hope your feeling better! Hospital visits are never fun :(