Just before we left Korea for our Christmas vacation, we had the pleasure of having our friends from Paris visit for a few days. Though it was a very busy weekend, we had a really great time together. They were gracious enough to host us in the summer of 2010 on our anniversary trip to Paris. We were happy to return the favor on their trip through Seoul.

To start things off, we took them to Myeong-dong (of course!) and found a great traditional Korean restaurant. They really liked the food but weren't quite used to all the spices :) 

I mentioned that it was a busy weekend... besides getting packed for our trip back to Florida,  we also had our company Christmas party to attend. Again, the Bandas were so gracious to come along to this before we went  out to celebrate a birthday :) 

We snacked at the party since we were going to dinner afterwards. We took them to a great Korean Barbecue spot where the girls tried their hardest to master the chopsticks... 

We decided they needed to go back to the basics :) 

Birthday party time! 

Thank you Bandas for coming and spending time with us and allowing us to celebrate with you. We enjoyed having you here in Seoul. You're welcome back anytime! 

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