holiday festivities.. first

Try leaving a place for a really long time, and then returning and wanting to do absolutely everything possible! That's what we did on this trip :) For my readers sake, I will split up the events so that its not too overwhelming...

At the risk of sounding very materialistic, Christmas is not Christmas until I have shopped at the Gardens Mall in West Palm Beach. Now, the reason being, I love the atmosphere, the decorations, the music~ everything about it. I have been going there for 13 Christmas's and I look forward to it every year! We went shopping with my mom and dad and then followed it up with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Downtown...another thing on the list to do :) 

*loving the amazing weather! 

Next on the list, Mom's breakfast of waffles. We have delicious waffles at home in Korea, but they are most a coffee snack and are not the same as the ones I grew up with at the breakfast table :) 

On Tuesday, I wanted to have a few minutes with some special friends. Not everyone could make it, but the ones that did, had a grand ole' time :)

Loved getting to spend time with my mom! 

The Whole Group :) Thanks Cilla and Audrey for making this happen! 

After lunch, my mom acted as my chauffer so that I could visit two of my favorite past employers

Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Lillian Johnson 

It was so good to see them both! They have both kept in contact with letters and packages and I can't tell you how special that makes me feel! 

Tuesday night I went out with another group of friends for a special "girl's night" at Carrabbas 
(also on the list... are you seeing a pattern yet?) :)

On Wednesday it was a real treat to visit the college bookstore and see all the awesome changes. 
It is beautiful! After working in the bookstore every camp, and going there everyday in college, it is a special little spot to me :) 

That afternoon we returned to the Gardens Mall because on our previous trip, I had forgotten to take my gift card for J. Crew that I won from this blog. First stop: Starbucks! It makes Christmas shopping so much more fun! :) After buying everything in the men's department of Macy's, we trekked on over to J.Crew to peruse their racks.  

A good time was had by all. We came home to a yummy dinner of Taco Soup (Robert's favorite meal in the entire world) with Ja and Tami and her family who was also visiting for the holidays :) 

*The classic Kitchen picture~ 
we have hundreds of these pictures in the same place but we keep taking them :) 

Loved getting to see Ty again. He's growing up so fast! 

The boys enjoying one of their early presents: The Wii 

Thursday started out with breakfast at Harry and the Natives~ a local favorite. Its a travesty to pass through Hobe Sound and not go there! This was at the top of my list for sure! 

After breakfast, we split ways and the boys went to the airport and we girls went to get our nails done :) We met back up and headed to Olive Garden (on the list) to meet Ja and Tami and the boys for lunch. I love being with family! 

After lunch, we went to Ft. Pierce to see my dad's office. He moved into it after we moved so we had never seen it, though he's been there for some time now. 

Thursday night was a girl's movie night with mom and Grandma :) Mama and Roanna were busy preparing for Christmas, so it was just the three of us but we had a really good time :) 

It's always good to see Mrs. J~ the lady my mom takes care of. 
She's quite a lady :) Again, enjoying the wonderful weather on the patio! 

Oh don't worry... there's plenty more where that came from! 

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Harry & the Natives is always a must for us as well :)