Celebrations all around...

Before Christmas, it was time for the second birthday bash in Kindergarten (if you recall, our other bash in August). Kindy birthday parties are honestly one of my favorite events of the year. The kids arrived and we all just hung out until the food was set up and the party was ready to begin. 

6 year olds

*Alex and Bella*

7 year olds

*Jack, Lily, Josephina, Mel, Sean, and Julie* 

~Giving Gifts~

*Yellow Class*

*Red Class*

*Ocean Class* 

All the Birthday Kiddies


After lunch we watched a movie and had a fabulous time. 

Our English service of 50-75 people is part of a much larger Korean congregation that can run upwards of 7,000 members. Our service is at the grassroots stage and we are working to build it up. On Wednesday night we sang Christmas carols for the Korean congregation. If we already didn't stand out, the red hats certainly sealed the deal! :) It was fun and the  congregation really enjoyed it! 

It was a busy week before we left for America but we enjoyed all the events that took place! Now its time to move on to all the Christmas festivities with family in America! 

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