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As I mentioned, we have had a little more time for socializing... me being a complete social and party bug am delighted at this fact. One thing I have missed so much while living here in Korea is the lack of parties that I can host or attend. Back in Florida, it was rare to go a week without a party, while here its been months. That all changed this week! There were two functions at our apartment and both were successful. 

Function #1: An American family style Christmas dinner 

There is a common misconception here in Korea that the only foods Americans eat are hamburgers, french fries, and pizza. While these maybe typical American cuisine, they are not an accurate representation of what the average family eats. I wasn't sure what I wanted to give my Kindy co- teachers for Christmas and then I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to give them a taste of what actual American home cooking tastes like...just like grandma used to make. 

The menu was simple and classic
Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Broccoli Salad

They were shocked that I could cook, and that actual family style cooking was so delicious! 

It was a treat to have my boss Hannah in my home

Teachers: Kristen, Jenny, Sally, Gloria ~ love these ladies! 

It was a successful dinner and they loved it! It was a great way for me to show my appreciation for their love and friendship, while giving them a glimpse into my culture. 
We laughed, danced (well, some of us that is), and had a blast. 

Function #2: Ex-Pat Christmas Party

We are so blessed to have wonderful American friends that understand what life in Korea is like. We have made such wonderful friends and we wanted a chance to spend an evening together laughing and enjoying each other's company during the holiday season. I loved having the chance to pull out a few of my "go-to" party foods from my Florida days. 

The menu was fun and tasty:
Fruit platter
Egg Salad and Crackers
Chicken Bacon Wraps
Lil' Smokies

Friends brought:
Apple Pie
Green Tea Shortbread cookies
Persimmon bread
Chocolate Chip cookies
Honey- Jam Bread

From start to finish, there was fun and laughter throughout the tiny apartment. This party was a record for us... 14 people total. We squished and grouped and had a grand old time. 

Jordan and Bethany

Brian and Emily

Kyle and Jess


Candace and Joel

Jay and Us, of course :) 

Hannah and Annabelle (Joel and Candace's baby) 

We had two rousing rounds of Mafia

The "coat closet" :) 

After Mafia, we split between rooms and the guys took on Scrabble...

...while the girls took on a competitive game of Dutch Blitz 

It was such a wonderful evening of fellowship. It was a time of being with old friends, getting to know some better and making new friends... A chance to enjoy each other's company in a place that can feel rather lonely at times. Sometimes all it is, is someone understanding your joke without needing an explanation or knowing about a certain dish from America. 
The holidays are so sentimental... its  important to have friends to share those times with.  

Until next time... 

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