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With visiting two families, plus friends, plus some extended family, we celebrated Christmas multiple times! Each Christmas had its own signature traditions and I loved each of them! 

#1: The Black Family Christmas

~apparently that's what "going light" looks like! 


Presents were followed by the family's traditional breakfast of French toast 
(we added waffles this year for Austin's sake~ spoiled rotten!) :)

As always, we loved our time with the family! 
We are so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family 
(on both sides) :) 

Christmas #2: Sanjuans 

We went out to dinner at Park Avenue and then returned to their house for dessert and Christmas :)
We enjoyed traditional Plum pudding from Ireland and traditional Spanish honey desserts from Spain. It was quite the treat! The Sanjuans are like family and have been such an important part of Robert and my life through the years. We are so blessed to have them in our lives! 

After presents, we got to continue our tradition of looking at Christmas lights with them :) We drove down to Prosperity Farms and enjoyed a gorgeous display! 

Christmas #3: Foley Family "Sockings" 

This is a new tradition but a really good one... with everyone spending money on traveling, we thought it best to keep the cost of gifts to a minimum. Someone suggested we give socks to everyone and then fill it with small, inexpensive goodies. Robert and I filled ours with small Korean candies, lotions, etc and it was a really fun gift to put together for everyone! 

Everyone went together to get Grandma a Keurig coffee maker 
complete with all the trimmings... extra coffee and the carousal to hold them :) 

All my loot :) 

My days ran together a bit, so I'm not exactly sure when it was but at some point, my mom and I went to lunch at Guanabanas ( a classic South Florida spot). It was a blast to be in the gorgeous weather and enjoying the surroundings. I love that the servers look like they just surfed to work :) 

This is a bit random but I figured I'd throw it in here... I love coming home and staying in my old room. Its very nostalgic :) I also love what my mom has done with it. 

ok, ok, back to Christmasy stuff...

~Christmas Sunday~

We had a lovely Christmas sunday with family! It was wonderful to be able to worship, surrounded by so much family! I loved it! 

Loved seeing our boys!

~The Howards~
(Brian, Jamie, Megan, Katie, Jack, Jeremy, and Delani~ You were missed!!!)

Mom and Dad :)

Told ya :) another "kitchen picture" 

Best guys around :) 

*Yummy Christmas Brunch*

Christmas #4: Howard Christmas

Apparently the year for Keurigs :) We all went together to buy Dad one.
 He's wanted one for years :)
The first cup :) 

Some longtime friends, Travis and Brittany stopped by to say goodbye 
before we headed to Orlando for the Good Family Christmas.

Next, we had a delicious joint-family (Black and Howard) Christmas Dinner 
with all the special holiday dishes! 

It appears as if Robert and his dad are the only ones eating :) No worries, we all ate and it was delicious! :) After dinner we get everything packed up and headed to spend the week in Orlando with the Blacks and extended Good family. 

Wow! It was a whirlwind experience being back in the good ole' "Sound". We made tons of memories and would have loved to stay longer, but enjoyed the moments we had. Thanks to all who made the visit back home memorable! We love you! 

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